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Elite Management Team


Liam McGreevy | CEO

Robin Emerson | COO

Liam is a leading EU healthcare and agritech executive, building businesses around brand development and technical services.

A science and compliance background leading in to 11 years in the agritech industry offers exceptional knowledge across all areas of production and distribution, assisting in building global supply chain, helping many producers globally to understand regulation and market access requirements for the most highly regulated markets in the world.

Liam is a progressive business manager and market developer with 15 years experience in sales and marketing, technical and compliance, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as finance and business development

Robin has played a pivotal role in the change of legislation in the UK, with his daughter Jorja receiving the first prescription on 1st Nov 2018.  Having navigated the intricacies of the legal and healthcare systems, he successfully secured the import of an Aphria product that has changed Jorja’s life.


Robin continues to lead the charge for UK patient access and will continue his work to pave the way for clearer regulation for both physicians and patients, improving the prescription access route. 

As well as networking with patient groups and specialist prescribers, Robin continues to develop his regulatory relationships and will liaise with government organisations and relevant stake holders to advance our clients clinical pathway ambitions 

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