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Biotech is the ingredient and product engine room of the Elite Growth Group

About Elite Biotech

Elite Biotech is focussed upon product design, development, testing and manufacturing ready for retail and clinical applications. 


Our Group objective is to be in control of the supply chain from seed/formula to shelf and clients. This is why we are investing in joint ventures to create owned manufacturing facilities, initially across Europe and the UK, and in future in other global jurisdictions. 

3 State of the Art Production Facilities

Elite Biotech benefits from multi-jurisdictional manufacturing facility partnerships in Germany, UK and Malta

Cannabinoid Formulation Development

As part of our vertical integration drive for the Elite Growth Group, we are proactively involved in the R&D of new products, including dosing systems

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Active Ingredient Sales

Our network means that in addition to developing our own formulas we have an increasing number of clients wishing to purchase API and other ingredients from us

Partners & Clients

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