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Activus is the consumer wellbeing and lifestyle enhancement company of the Elite Growth Group

About Elite Activus

Elite Activus is our retail business within the Elite Growth business ecosystem.

The products we sell include ranges under the Jorja Botanicals, Nebulos, and CBDetox brands. 

With the activation of our major retail listing partnerships, we will attract synergistic business cross-fertilisation from other major UK brands wishing to take advantage of our excellent online retail sales distribution.

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Our Brands

Jorja Botanicals identifies with parents and children, championing balanced and healthy nutrition, providing products that are sourced ethically, manufactured to a high standard, and provide supplementation. It has a UK novel food submission, an application for sale to minors, and major retailer listing LOI’s

Jorja Botanicals

One of the challenges for many people, whether busy executives or at-home parents, is the ability to maintain high quality levels of relaxed sleep. Nebulos formulations assist in the maintenance of this balance and are available OTC and via our online distribution channels.

Nebulos Vaporiser

Elite Activus supports customers seeking to enhance the quality of their lives in multiple areas, including personal training and recovery. This is where our CBDetox brands come into play. With three tasty formulations there is a choice for every athlete to improve their game.


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