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Cannabis Health Article: Elite Growth Aims for the Premier League for Patients

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Elite Growth is on a rapid expansion mission, investing geographically in people, facilities and resources to become a full-service leader in end-to-end clinical, wellbeing, lifestyle and technology solutions in order to have quality and business control over the entire journey from product source to consumer use. The company team is focussed on delivering medical and non-medical services and products for families and individuals, ranging from clinical support for a range of severe conditions, to making more informed healthy lifestyle choices and living them.

Elite Growth Features in the latest edition of Cannabis Health Magazine, in this article the Elite Growth team set out our mission and goals for the Health and wellness industry through the development of cannabinoid ingredients and technologies, and our focus on improving patient access to valuable care and treatments.

You can read the full article featured in Cannabis Health Magazine on Issuu here:

Visit the Cannabis Health website here:

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