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About Elite 

Elite Growth is creating diverse distribution and product development channels to facilitate widespread patient access to a variety of medications and more. We work successfully with the NHS to overcome challenges that patients and Doctors’ face in the UK and beyond. For example, our team has been influential in driving medical legal reform and educational advocacy in one of the most advanced medical markets in the world. With our continuing success in the UK, we will help deliver change in multiple markets around the globe. This is our personal and business mission.

We operate globally with device, ingredient and finished good producers to establish market entry, build market presence and product sales.

Culturally, we are ethical, purpose-driven, strongly people-oriented, and very much ‘can do’. We have brought together in-house and external advisory boards of senior, highly experienced, and skilled individuals to support our holistic mission to bring medical, lifestyle, innovation, NPD, technology, and more to improve the lives of patients, people and families, wherever Elite Growth and our partners operate.

Our Businesses

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